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Isabel Padilla Bonelli

Born in San Juan, PR 

Based in Puerto Rico 


As an artist, I am drawn to exploring how our environments work as natural/external reflections of the individual through fiber arts, craftwork, and mixed-media printmaking. Using fiber arts techniques has become central to my evolving practice as I ask for the consideration of what happens when art is tangible, recognizable, and relatable- a point of access to feelings of nostalgia, childhood ritual, and comfortable space. Incorporating crochet, embroidery, and knit handwork into my mixed media pieces allows me to construct a tactile representation of my exterior and interior environments that relate to the “home”- as both a physical place and as an exploration of self-identity. 



2024- Liga Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan: Serigrafía, Cianotipia

2023- Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de Puerto Rico: Cerámica en torno

2019-2023- B.F.A Cornell University, College of Architecture, Art & Planning

Minor: Fashion Studies 


Grants & Awards 

2023- The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts Robert Blackburn Printmaking Award

2023- Ezra Colin Cornell Media Award 

2021-2023 Cornell Club of Puerto Rico Scholarship

2021 - Reed Hastings Scholarship 

2019-2023 - Cornell University Tradition Fellowship 

2019-2022 - Hispanic Scholarship Fund

2019 - The National Puerto Rican Day Parade Scholarship 


Group Exhibitions 

2024- Caminos Encontrados, ORI Micro Galería Afro. San Juan, Puerto Rico 

2024- Certamen de Estudiantes, Liga Estudiantes de Arte de San Juan, Puerto Rico

2024- Autora, Me.seum, Ponce, Puerto Rico 

2024- Dewey Decimal System, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

2024- Echoes of Liberation: Artistic Expressions of the African Diaspora, AM:PM Gallery, New York, NY

2023- Collage and Printmaking Workshop and Conversation Workshop Leader with The Bluprint Archives, New York, NY

2023- Flock, Sheep Not Bird, Ithaca NY

2023- Golden Hour, Art Crawl, Ithaca NY

2023- County Fair, Ithaca NY

2023- Woven Within, Ithaca NY

2023- Threading the Needle, Mann Library Gallery at Cornell University, Ithaca NY

2022- Liquidation Sale, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 

2022- Soft Launch, Art Crawl, Ithaca NY

2022- Sad Happy Hour, Art Crawl, Ithaca NY

2022- Get Soft, The Soil Factory, Ithaca NY

2022 - Colorful Nonsense, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 

2022 - Featured "Coqui Calling", The Ink Shop Printmaking Center, Ithaca NY

2022 - AnthroPu$$yne, Cornell University, Ithaca NY2019- Invited to exhibit at The Mint Museum, Charlotte NC

Recent Press

2023- Cornell AAP "2022-23 Student Academic Awards and Prizes"

2023 - Collective X; A-Muse, "Fashion Feature"

2020 - Cornell Daily Sun, "Rising Artist Spotlight"


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