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Elais Park Has ‘Been Busy’ - Unpacking His Latest Release

Head bopping, volume blasting, steps matching the beat of the song - that is what I was doing while listening to Elais Park’s latest release, ‘Been Busy.’ A punchy rap single, this track is another addition to an already extensive creative portfolio.

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Remi Wolf on Giving No Shits and Making Hits

With music as electrifying and authentic as the personality behind it, Wolf has been making herself known to all who are ready to have a good time and not take themselves too seriously. Be prepared to enter into a colorful, sonic trance reminiscent of a Lisa Frank notebook while enjoying her recent EP I’m Allergic To Dogs, and the psychedelic music videos made to match.

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Respawning with Half Moon Bay

Visual project “FOREST,” by artist Half Moon Bay, takes us through a visual representation of his first EP ((Koi)), released in 2019. Featuring the track “Forest.Drip” from the EP, Half Moon Bay notes “I understand the ((Koi)) EP as a translated score from flights through higher realms”. The musician explores what it means to navigate transitional periods of life as a young black artist, while finding a soul’s purpose through challenges. A year later, this EP has manifested itself into a filmic journey that works to translate these experiences of love and life through the lens of reincarnation.

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